The coolest 25-year-old cars you can import to the United States in 2018

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Hot hatches, luxury sedans, and long-awaited sports cars are on the 1993 menu

Are you tired of the same cast of recent classics at the local car show, be it a Vanilla Ice-era Mustang or a Chrysler ‘MC by Taserati?’ Do you want to own a car that nobody else in your time zone has even heard of, much less seen on their Power Macintosh? Also, are you ready to party like it’s 1993?

We know we are, so we headed to the World Wide Web with the help of our 14K modems to scope out the fresh new arrivals that will be eligible for importation in 2018.

What do the cars of 1993 offer? First of all, we are getting closer to the sweet spot of the mid-’90s European hatchery and performance cars. 1993 was the year that European automakers started to realize cars don’t need sharp, boxy shapes and that body design can be fluid (but not too fluid, like a 1994 Ford Probe). 1993 was also the year that automakers started coming out of a recession-induced coma of the early 1990s, and finally got several delayed designs off the drawing boards and into dealership lots. The Class of 1993 is a diverse one, and it helps if you’re a fan of inexpensive French and Italian cars.

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