When time of the year is best to buy a car?

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Buying a used car from a resale dealer can look as simple as walking in and picking your next vehicle. The truth is, there is a lot more to buying a used car. The time of the year, what day of the week and even the time of the day can inflict a large change on the price you get for your next car.

Impulse buying usually happens during the holiday seasons, and is definitely the worst time to purchase a used car. This is when the best deals are offered, although these deals might even have a mark up on the price while visually offering you a better value for money.

Weekends are also the worst days to think about buying a car. These two days are usually the two days people have off for such activities. The competition and high visitations during the weekends can make the dealer drive a hard bargain and use psychological cues regarding buyer competition and high visitation, making you buy a car on impulse and little thought.

Early morning purchasing can seem like a good idea with the thought of being first in line and getting the best deal. Looking at the scenario from the dealer’s perspective, the first buyer is usually the time when they make their first and best deal of the day, thus selling a vehicle for a larger profit.

In conclusion, avoid the holiday season and think about buying a car right after any larger holidays. You take advantage of the slow sales and will always get a better deal. Make sure that this is during the week, Wednesday preferably. Purchases during weekdays are slow due to potential customers being at work and not having enough time to go look at, and purchase cars. If and when you decide to go to a used car dealer, make sure it is right after the usual lunch break. Drowsiness right after eating, and the afternoon low in a workday can be used as leverage to get a much better deal on your next used car.


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