Preparing your car for a summer road trip

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Summer is here, and the self-consuming idea of going on a road trip with your friends is all but subtle. Here are a few things you should consider about your vehicle before heading out on a longer trip in the scorching heat.

Weight reduction – the heavier the car is, the more the engine has to work in order to pull all that weight. Reduce all the unnecessary weight by emptying out the things that simply do not belong in the car. The bare essentials as the spare tire kit and necessary tools are all that you need.

Luggage – Keeping in mind that a car is created to carry the full capacity of people and their luggage does not mean that the luggage should be bags upon bags of unnecessary clothing and other items. Tell your friends to reduce the amount of their luggage as much as possible so that the car will have a much lighter weight to pull.

Fluids and oil – Always check your fluids. If necessary change them! Checking your fluids will tell you how your car is behaving. Any low levels can mean that the car is faulty and should be checked over. Your oil also deserves your undivided attention. Check your oil level and give it a change if necessary so that the engine works smoother and better.


Tire pressure and tread condition – Having a good amount of tread on your tires are crucial for a safe trip. With good tires you avoid spinning out, losing traction and by that losing control of the car.  The same goes for tire pressure. If your tire pressure is low, the stability of the car is compromised. Pump up your tires to a pressure too high and you start to lose traction very easily. Keep to the standardized pressures listed on the tires.


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