Full electric hybrid VS electric petrol hybrid

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Full electric VS Hybrids

With more and more hybrid and electric cars coming out, and their prices becoming much more affordable, purchasing one can seem like a very good idea. And it really is! The savings are immense both long and short term, and you are no longer polluting as much as you have been with the traditional gas engine. But another problem arises here. Which one is better?

With ranges of electric cars increasing exponentially, some of them being able to cover 350+ Kms on a single charge, it looks as if there is no question here. But let’s look at the drawbacks. It may be a plug-in electric that can be charged to full capacity overnight, but having a fully electric car limits your travel distance and the possibility to quickly recharge while on the road. There is also the possibility of not having any charge points where you are going.



On the other hand, a hybrid whether it is a plugin or not, may cost a lot more to run when comparing to the full electric, and it may still use petrol to actually run, AND! it may still pollute the environment with very (minuscule amounts) of CO2, but, it is still better at this point in time. This point of time is a time when technology is not advanced enough to have charging stations in more frequent locations.

While both have their pros and cons the decision would be simple, If you like to travel a lot covering more than 300kms per trip pick a hybrid for peace of mind, but if you need a city run around to go for the full electric and never fill up with fuel again.


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